Cleanse Packs

You can select from a One, Three, Five and Seven day cleanse options. Currently we only deliver in the Northwest area. For details on shipping you can contact us via the Contact page or through Facebook.

          Sample Juice Packages

Explore & Nourish
we recommend a rainbow of coloured juices for maximum effect.

IBP0017March 11, 2014

Juices: Beat Goes On, Nighty Nighty Snoozy Snoozy, The Hulk, Wakkie Wakkie, Hail to Kale

Va Va Voom
While having a rest and recovery week, why not supercharge your downtime and detox with a combination of five bottles that are balanced to provide natural energy and aid recovery while reducing the body’s inflammation.

IBP0018March 11, 2014

Juices: Back to the Root, Green Monster, Tangerine Dream, Vanilla Twilight, Cucumber Cooler

Restore & Re-Energise
In this bespoke detox your five bottles are handpicked based on each individual’s desire to achieve the maximise result from their cleansing.

IBP0019March 11, 2014

 Juices : Wakkie Wakkie, Green Day, Tangerine Dream, Goodnight Sweetheart, Beat Goes On

The Whole Green
In order to alkalise the body we go high on greens and low on the fruit, these five bottles make a more intense detox for the experienced with incredible results.

IBP0016March 11, 2014

Juices : Green Monster, Cucumber Cooler, Vanilla Twilight, Green Day, The Hulk

All options come with Herbal teas, Wheatgrass shots for each day and an Epsom salts for a relaxing bath. We also provide a free breakfast for the day after the completion of the cleanse. This will help to start you off on your new healthy journey.


We do not freeze your juices or ask you to freeze them, Cold press juices have a shelf life of 72 hours so are made fresh for you, because of this we need to split the deliveries depending on the number of days.